Dromnagus Russian Black Terriers

Karla has been bred & scanned

She is in whelp

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Karla has a fantastic temperament and is a healthy active girl that loves to show run around but loves her cuddles


She was Top Uk RBT Bitch in 2012 and was Top UK RBT Bitch 2014 before she was mated, she has stopped showing and her sister is now Top UK RBT Bitch 2014



The sire Ernie as a stunning young male from one of the top kennels in Europe with a great healthy ancestry behind him


He was Top UK RBT Puppy 2013


TOP UK Rear Breeds Puppy 2013  

Karla 1s ernie





BVA Hip score 7/8

BVA Elbow score 0

HUU status N/N Clear


Winning Best Puppy in Show at the RBT Club show 2013





BVA Hip score 22/3

BVA Elbow score 0

HUU status N/HU Carrier



Important Health information on the Breed


Puppies from this mating can not be HUU Affected

Only HUU Clear or HUU carriers so will not suffer from

Canine Hyperuricosuria


Breed Average Hip score is 35 Hip score range is from 0 to 106

Breed has no Elbow mean score but scores are 0,1,2 & 3

The BVA recommend only breeding from 0 & 1 scores

Boys : Dromnagus Firestarter,  Dromnagus Fireball,  Dromnagus Firework,  Dromnagus Firewalker.


Girls:  Dromnagus Firestorm,  Dromnagus Firecracker,  Dromnagus Firefly